Is the Nissan Rogue AWD?

2021 Nissan Rogue with City in Background

No matter which configuration you choose, whether it’s the Nissan Rogue SV AWD or the lineup’s top-of-the-line trim, the Nissan Rogue is available with all-wheel drive at every trim level. AWD provides optimal traction on Jacksonville and Savannah roads for added peace of mind.

The Rogue’s Intelligent AWD system automatically senses a loss in traction and adjusts to road conditions instantaneously. Learn more about the Nissan Rogue AWD system below with the automotive experts at Greenway Nissan of Brunswick. 

How Does Nissan Intelligent AWD Work?

The Nissan Rogue Intelligent AWD system allows you to drive with complete confidence in Jekyll Island.

  • This state-of-the-art system distributes power as needed for the best possible traction, even in challenging conditions.
  • The new Rogue starts off in AWD to improve grip until the vehicle gets up to speed.
  • Then the Nissan Rogue Intelligent AWD system begins to conserve power by redistributing torque to the front wheels.
  • This allows you to drive even more efficiently.
  • If your wheels start to slip on slick surfaces, the Intelligent AWD system kicks your AWD back on and redistributes power to any affected wheels to maintain control. 

Nissan Rogue AWD Lock Button

What is the Nissan Rogue AWD Lock? This unique amenity features a low-speed regulator button that is able to lock all four wheels for better traction when you encounter snow or take your Rogue off-roading. How is this possible? The Nissan Rogue AWD Lock splits the power between the front and rear wheels for improved control.

AWD Error on Nissan Rogue

What happens when an AWD error on the Nissan Rogue pops up? This alert can indicate several different problems so it is best to have your vehicle looked at by one of the highly-skilled technicians at Greenway Nissan of Brunswick. Here is what each of the Nissan Rogue AWD error light messages indicate:

  • Illuminated Without Blinking: The AWD system is malfunctioning. 
  • Blinking Rapidly: The powertrain oil temperature is rapidly rising out of range. When safe, pull over and let your vehicle cool down. If the blinking stops, it should be alright to start driving the vehicle again. If the light does not stop blinking, give our service center a call. 
  • Blinking Slowly: When this happens, there is a significant difference between the diameters of the front and rear wheels. When iti is safe to do so, pull over so that the car has a chance to idle in park. You can start driving again if the light stops blinking. If the light continues to blink, get in touch with a local service center. 

Learn More About Nissan Intelligent AWD with Greenway Nissan of Brunswick

If you have additional questions about the Nissan Rogue AWD system or you want to see how it performs on Brunswick roads, visit Greenway Nissan of Brunswick to set up a test drive. You can also contact us for more information.

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